Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Exclamations of Joy!!!

 Knitting Needle and Notions Organization Day

Hello!  I have so much great news!  I am doing so much better physically!  Plus, I have been knitting a lot lately, and can't wait to share with you!  I have also organized my yarn stash and needles!  But some of the most wonderful news is that my husband just finished school!!!  I can hardly believe it!  He took his last exam yesterday, and will graduate on Saturday!  Have you noticed that every sentence ends with exclamation points?!  It is because I am that excited!!!  :D

Soon we will begin our preparations for finding a new place to live and will begin the process of moving.  While moving does not tend to be the most fun process, I am not as worried about it this time, as we do not have as much stuff to pack and move.  Things have gotten a little messy since I have been sick and injured, but I am trying to gradually straighten up.  Today I organized my yarn stash, knitting needles and knitting notions.  Below is a description of what I did to organize them:

Knitting Needle Organization

I used to sell Mary Kay, and every time I bought a hand held mirror (for customers to look at during a presentation), it came in a small, clear, zippered pouch. I kept all of them to use for “something” in the future. Well, I recently decided that they would be perfect for storing my circular needles. Today I finally put them to use.

Since I only have 9 of these pouches, I put two sizes in each pouch.  I made little labels for each pouch and punched a hole in them so that I can attach them to the zippers. For now I have them right inside of the clear pouch.  One of the pouches I also labeled for double pointed needles (dpns), and one for misc. big needles.
I also have two enfamil roll up pouches that I received when my daughter was born (the hospital gives these to everyone), and have all my extra notions, purse handles, etc. stored in them now. Both of those and the needle pouches are resting in a huge index card holder.

I only have a few pairs of straight needles, and haven’t figured out what to do with them. All my vases are in storage right now, so I may have to wait until after we move to organize them.

Yarn Stash Organization

I have all my yarn sealed in plastic bags, and then stored in large plastic storage bins with lids.  Well, I have received  and bought some more yarn in the past several months, and have also started and finished projects, etc.  So,  basically the yarn stash was starting to take over our bedroom.  Today I went through it all,  consolidated it, and organized it.  My acrylic yarn is in one bin; cotton and cotton-blends in one bin; and wool, alpaca, and other animal fiber yarns in a third bin.  All of these are stacked on one another neatly.

Breath in, Breath out...peace and calm from organization.  Now tomorrow I will do another portion of our room and gradually it will all get done!  :)

Have a great, restful and peaceful night,