Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Great Weekend

My weekend was busy, but great!

I had
so much fun this weekend, that I have to tell you about it! My husband and I went to the Blount Undergraduate Initiative (BUI) 10th Anniversary this weekend on the University of Alabama campus in Tuscaloosa, AL. BUI is a liberal arts scholar program at UA. It is a great program, and you can read about it at http://www.as.ua.edu/blount. Mr. "Red" Blount was one of the major donors, and was very involved in the program, which is why the program bears his name.

Nathan and I were in the inaugural class (1999), and we both graduated college in 2003. Our experience at UA was impacted so much by being in this program. We learned so much, and gained so much intellectually and socially from BUI. We had so much fun getting to see old friends and professors this weekend. Several of us "Blount couples" have gotten married and have had "Blount Babies," and it was so great to see our kids playing and getting along so well. Some friends of ours from the program had gotten married and had a baby 3 days before we had ours. They had a blast together!

Knitting this Weekend
I also had fun knitting at my Mom's in Birmingham (of course!). This weekend while riding in the car and visiting with my Mom, I finished my Monkey wash cloth, started and finished a small green wash cloth, and started a baby bib.

This is my finished Monkey Wash Cloth (it has not been blocked yet, and I am not sure if I am going to do so.)

The bib pattern is "Modern Cabled Baby Bib" by Andrea Pomerantz, and the pattern states that it is her variation of the "Simple Baby Bib" by Colleen Kadleck. You can find this pattern for free on Ravelry.com.

My Mom gave me a refresher on how to cable, and with this pattern it is SO easy. You only have to put two stitches on the cable needle and lay it behind your work, knit the next two stitches, and then knit the stitches on the cable needle. Then you just finish the row. It is simple and I must recommend it to anyone who wants something easy to work on in order to learn cabling.

The body of the bib is what I think is called a "seed stitch," which is basically, "knit, purl, knit, purl," all the way across. This is a great way to practice the purl stitch after you are comfortable with the plain garter stitch.

Here is my bib so far:

A Current Special Project

In about 2005, sometime around the time I took the knitting class at the Knitting Corner, I started working on a scarf for my Dad. I was knitting it with grey wool that my Mom had given me. I don't know if I got bored with it, or if I just didn't have time to work on it, but either way I ended up putting it away and never finishing it. (One of several projects left from the past, before I really got into knitting.)

Well, I recently got out my "stash," which has been packed away for a while (I'll show pictures of this another day). In the stash was that project, still on the needles (the teal yarn is unrelated):

I looked at it a few times over the next few days, not knowing what to do. My Dad passed away in 2007, while I was pregnant with my daughter. I wasn't sure if I would be able to work on it again, since it was originally for him. However, one night I looked over at the partial scarf and yarn, and thought about how one of my husband's favorite colors is grey. I then thought of an idea. I could finish the scarf and give it to my husband, leaving the part that I had knitted for my Dad intact. It is a way for me to finish something that I had started for my Dad, and still give it to a special man in my life, someone who would appreciate the importance and sentimentality of it. I think he will really like that! (And I think my Dad would have really liked that too.)

I am hoping to finish this by Christmas. :)



  1. That's a great idea. :) How will you knit it without him knowing?? This is my problem with knitted christmas gifts for my hubby too!

  2. It can be interesting. I was trying to fix something on it the other day, when he walked in and asked me what it was. I said, "it's just some old project." ;) Now I am planning on only knitting when he is not home and a little after he goes to sleep. Like today, for instance, while my daughter finished breakfast, I knitted about 6 rows or so.

    I am also hoping that I can sometimes make it to the local knit shop (Yarn Expressions) when they get together to knit. That part all depends on our schedule.

  3. Oh how I wish we lived near each other! I have a group of ladies who get together every Sunday evening for a few hours to knit, crochet, quilt, cross-stitch, etc. A lot of our churches have stopped having Sunday evening services, so we get together instead. That would be the perfect place and time for you to work on your "stealth" project!! No husbands allowed - pets yes, but husbands no. :-)


  4. :) That sounds like so much fun! I was thinking about starting a church knitting group, too. I would love to have some local women that I could knit with! One with pets sounds like so much fun, too!

  5. hehehe Lisa, that does sound like fun. :)

    Faith - I have an interesting first project that I need to work on in Anthropology. I need to find a subculture in my area that I can interview and participate in their rituals (Dungeons and Dragons, tatooists, Derby Girls, etc....) I'm quite torn! I have no idea what I'll study, and I'll need to know (and have a proposal written) in about a week. This will be semester long, so I better like it! hehe

    The pattern for that slipper was linked under the pic. :) You should try it, it's way easy and it'll give you a chance to practice seaming!