Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Memories, Beautiful Clothes, and Knitting at my friend Deborah's Wedding

Well, life has been as hectic as ever.  It seems we are out of town more often than in town sometimes.  The weekend before last we went out of town to see our close friend, Deborah, get married in Auburn, Alabama.  (The photo above is at the Moore's Mill Golf Club.)  It was so wonderful!  We had so much fun seeing Deborah, and also seeing several of our other friends from college.  It was perfect weather, which was great.  It was so wonderful to see that my friend had met a strong Christian man, and both sides of the family have a deep faith in God.  It was wonderful to see her get married, and to such a great guy!

Both Deborah's parents and her husband are Nigerian, so the majority of people there were Nigerian.  They wore beautiful outfits in gorgeous colors, with headdresses that sometimes matched, sometimes contrasted.  Deborah, her husband Abiola, and the wedding party wore traditional American wedding clothes, while their parents wore traditional Nigerian clothes.  All the parents' outfits were made from the same turquois fabric, and they wore orangy-red, large beaded jewelry which went perfectly.  Gorgeous!

Deborah and her Dad while taking a picture at the reception

Deborah and Abiola's family at the reception

A Suprise Knitting Connection

At the reception, one of our friends brought a gift that had a knitted ribbon. A third friend asked about it, and in the process we learned that all three of us knit! What a suprise! I think I have already gotten used to feeling like I am the only one around that knits, and I was so pleasantly suprised that my two friends had started knitting too! My friend had knitted the ivory colored ribbon on the way to the wedding. Of course, I had to bring out the dishcloth I was working on for Deborah. It was so neat to talk to them and learn what they were knitting. I also told them about Ravelry, and one of them has already joined!

Before leaving the reception, I told Deborah about all three of us becoming knitters.  She said that she used to knit, but had put it down.  I am going to have to encourage her to pick it up again.  Maybe after her knitted gifts from us she will be inspired!  Wouldn't it be wonderful if all four of us could visit and knit together?!  What a dream!  :D

Knitted Wedding Gifts

This is one of the dischloths that I knitted for Deborah and Abiola.  I knitted half of this on their wedding day.

I am knitting more of these for them.  I couldn't get them finished in time for the wedding, but they are in Puerto Rico, so I doubt they are missing them!

Congratulations Deborah and Abiola!!!

Talk to you all soon!  I have TONS more to share, just not enough time to write!


  1. The wedding looked so pretty and the pictures are amazing.
    The Almeara Gloves I made are a Jared Flood/Brooklyntweeds Pattern the yarn is cascade 220 tweed. Both scarves are also taken from Floods work. The one scarf is a simple 1X1 rib done with 2 colorways of Noro yarn
    and the gray one is also 1x1 rib in a gray knitpicks swish yarn.

  2. What a beautiful setting for a wedding! I love the fabric the traditional Nigerian clothing is made from. Is it my imagination, or does you dishcloth coordinate with that fabric as well?

    Can't wait to hear more of what has been going on in your life lately.

    Take care and God Bless!


  3. Thank you for the pictures (I wish there were more!).

  4. Thank you so much for all of your comments!

    It does coordinate somewhat, and I just finished one that matches the wedding colors exactly. I am half way done with the last one, and then I can send them. :D

    I had two problems with putting more pictures on... One was that I had no way to ask my friend permission to put pics on with close-ups of her and her family's faces (she was on her honeymoon.) The other problem, is that I have a very basic digital camera, and in the kind of light that the reception had, a lot of the pictures came out hazy. (I wish there was some way for me to get a decent camera and some photography classes.)
    Thanks again!!! :D