Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Vanna White, Pilgrims, and Babies...My Life is Complete

New addition to my yarn stash.

A Knitting Contest
I have yet another new project to tell you about.  I am entering a knitting contest!  :D  The other day I found out about a contest called the Vanna's Choice Contest.   To enter the contest you have to make a project using Vanna's Choice, Vanna's Choice Baby, or Vanna's Glamour Yarn.  It does not have to be your original design/pattern, but you can't violate copyright law (which basically means you have to have the designer's permission).  There are 4 categories: Afghans and Throws, Baby and Kids, Hats and Scarves, and Gifts and Crafts.  The deadline for the contest is February 1, 2010 (you have to apply to the contest with your photo by then).  So...I have exactly 18 days to finish a project and get it in on time.  :)

Here is a link to the website with more detailed information:

My Project

After looking at the winners from last year, and thinking about something that I could knit in about 3 weeks, I decided that a Jean Greenhowe design would be great for this.  While the designs I have made so far are pretty simple, some of them are very elaborate. Just the kind of thing to enter into a contest like this.Sunday night I emailed Jean Greenhowe for permission to use one of her designs in the contest.  Well, I got the reply Monday and they gave me permission!  :D  Yay!

So, last night I called my Mom and we brainstormed about what I could make to enter the contest.  I know one of her Red Nosed Gange clowns would be the best, but I wasn't really feeling it, plus, as a new knitter I wasn't sure if I could get it done in time. 

Check out a picture of the Jean Greenhowe clown, Sidney Slapstick, that my Mom made me when I was little.  Hers is the avatar for the pattern on Ravelry.  Can you tell I am a proud daughter?  :D

Well, after much discussion, we decided that the best one for me to knit was Winifred and her Wool Shop.  I will be personalizing this to Vanna's Choice Yarn.  I am so excited about this!  If I have time, I will also make one or more of the other Little Dumpling Dolls, like Lady Letitia.  You can see all of them here on Jean Greenhowe's website.  I am planning on making a little "set" to photograph the dolls in, too, since you have to send in a photo of the dolls.  This may or may not be as elaborate as Jean Greenhowe's set.  I guess that will all depend on time limits, as well.

A Trip to Michael's

Today I went to Michael's to get all the yarn.  There were so many great colors, and I decided to go with my own color scheme for the dolls, so it took me a while to pick out the colors.  I got a LOT of yarn. :) I vowed to take back whatever I didn't use, though, and that made me feel better. :)  Also, Vanna's Choice is on sale for 2 for $5.  After having visited yarn shops, learning about luxury yarn from my Mom, and receiving such luxury yarn from my Mom, this price seemed unbelievable.  Still, on my budget it is a lot.  Once again...I will take back whatever I don't use.  :D  I sure do hope I win the $1,000 first prize!!!!  :D 

The yarn in the right column was yarn that I already owned.  It makes me feel a little better to say that.  ;)

Yet another project...Plimouth Style

I also confirmed with Plimouth Plantation that I will be a volunteer knitter for them!  :D  Yay!  They will be sending me yarn and an historically accurate pattern in order to knit a hat for one of their historical interpreters.  I am so excited about this, as I have been wanting to learn more about the history of knitting.  One of my most passionate interests is historical clothing and textiles.  I am so intrigued, and very excited and humbled to get to be a part of this.  I can hardly wait to get my kit in the mail!  :D  I only wish that I lived closer to them so that I could be a part of the Knitter's Club.  Check it out:  Plimouth Plantation Knitter's Club.

Well, between our normal hectic life, knitting for a contest, knitting for Plimouth Plantation, and knitting for the pro-life you think I will be getting much sleep?  Maybe this wasn't the best week to train myself to get into bed by 10:00 pm....

Your Yawning Yarnie,


  1. hehe super cute pattern! I look forward to seeing your historically-knitted hat too! :)

  2. I just got the kit yesterday!!! I will be posting something about it tonight or tomorrow. :) I am really looking forward to this project! For now, Vanna White is calling my name...

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